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JEE infrastructure design

JEE Infrastructure Design

Our connections allow us to balance the market separation and provide consultancy primarily in the JEE space:

  • Microsoft / SharePoint / ASP.NET / SQL
  • Oracle WebLogic / JSP / JEE / Oracle DB

Java Enterprise Edition has allowed for simplified enterprise applications to be developed in Java. As JEE is an acknowledged and robust industry standard there are continual improvements and application performance and richness.

The key principles of JEE include understanding architectural layers and the complexities of separating business logic from the underlying infrastructure. The loosely de-coupling of business functionality, presentation and storage is the beginning of understanding JEE. Good design standards and simplicity in approach and implementation allow for component re-use providing a cost effective model.

JEE infrastructure technology needs to be implemented and understood at all levels. You cannot expect a developer to understand standardising APIs instead you should provide the developers the building blocks needed to channel their focus:

  • Application Layer
  • JEE Platform Layer
  • Operating System Layer
  • Hardware Layer

Since your applications sits on top of the JEE platform, the underlying hardware or operating system can be changed to provide better characteristics (faster, cheaper, more stable, etc.) without the need to re-write parts of the application.

Tiered architectures are a specific type of layered architecture based on a user- focused view of the system. This leads to a front-to-back partitioning with the user at the front and the underlying data at the back.

EAI diagram


In a typical 3-tiered architecture, the user interface components will be in a separate tier from the business logic components, which in turn are in a separate tier from the data access components.

The tiers reflect some form of physical partitioning, so that the three sets of components will exist in different processes, and typically on different machines. Communication will flow between the various tiers as the application goes about its work. We have worked on production internet facing application with multiple million users and high-transaction flow-rates.

We have the knowledge and experience to ensure that common problems and pitfalls are avoided in your implementations. We work with the leading market automated performance products to provide load injection solutions highlighting bottlenecks and predicting failures.

We provide comprehensive infrastructure hosting designs for secure and classified environments with fully integration administration and monitoring.