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Oracle SOA

Oracle SOA

We recognise the importance of providing a strong cross-section of skills coupled with comprehensive product knowledge. Since establishment we have been using Oracle products and partnered with Oracle to improve our JEE application and hosting service. Oracle WebLogic and SOA (Service Orientated Architecture) integration complemented our existing application integration services by adding enterprise scale solutions. Our Oracle partnership has provided us with extensive SOA life-cycle delivery experience and allows to us build on a growing need for SOA applications and Web Services.

SOA allows us to integrate loosely coupled interacting software services using a set of open standards. Oracle SOA Suite provides the framework which encompasses BPEL (Business Process Execution Language), ESB (Enterprise Service Bus), RE (Rules Engine) and WS (Web Services). We provide the following SOA services:

  • Full application/system integration through separation of component composition;
  • Secure Web Services for your internal/external customers;
  • Defining orchestration of complex systems with multiple (100s) of interfaces;
  • Integrating Services with Oracle Service Bus;
  • Defining Oracle BPEL Process Manager Architecture;
  • Integrating services with Oracle B2B;
  • Building secure and integrated Oracle Application servers;
  • SSO, Authentication & Authorisation, LDAP;
  • Application Creation through Oracle JDeveloper;
  • UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration) registry.

The Oracle Fusion Middleware family of products including WebLogic provides a compressive and customisable solution today's business needs. Oracle is a growth area for us and we strive to meet all your design, integration and infrastructure hosting requirements.

Oracle SPARC

We provide Solaris certified administrators to manage your preferred platform choice and troubleshoot incidents. The team are versed in Solaris systems design on both Sparc and Intel platforms including common criteria certification and trusted extensions.

Oracle WebLogic

Oracle WebLogic

We specialise in the automated deployment of WebLogic on Sun Solaris and Microsoft platforms. Our WebLogic services include:

  • Full architectural review of a client's current WebLogic Server/Portal infrastructure solutions and application architecture. We provide comprehensive report to fit your needs and ensure that your (proposed) implementation meets industry best practice;
  • Security recommendations covering Buffer Attacks, Penetration, Advisories, Connection Starvation; Physical, Audit, Logging, Authentication, Authorisation and NSA Guidelines;
  • Comprehensive performance tuning of Threads, JVM, JDBC / JMS Pool, Kernel OS Patches, TCP Tuning including automated Rational and Mercury scripting;
  • Advised on Cluster and Multicast TTL tuning including NIC configuration and TCP/IP routing;
  • Integration services for log archive, log file mining and MBEAN monitoring including capacity planning using various monitoring tools;
  • Provide environment life-cycle strategies for development, integration, pre-production and production deployments;
  • A&A/SSO and Kerberos Integration for your JEE application within your Microsoft Active Directory environment.

We provide a robust and comprehensive service for all your WebLogic requirements. We recognise the importance of agile, automation, design simplicity and component re-use allowing us to avoid reinventing the wheel with our infrastructure and application designs. We recognise the principles of JEE application design and development and apply these to all solutions:

  • Standardisation;
  • Flexible;
  • Scalable;
  • Distributed;
  • Multi-Tiered;
  • Component Based.