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Platform and OS Design

Windows, UNIX and Linux

WWe understand the importance of the secure operating environment - Automation, Virtualisation, Agile, Robust, Reliable, Supportable, Secure.

We provide a core Platform and OS Design service geared to your requirements.

  • ARM - Demonstrate Availability, Reliability and Maintainability;
  • SWAP - Manage Space, Weight, Air-conditioning and Power;
  • Heterogenous - Support Multiple Concurrent Tasks;
  • ROI - Measurable Return on Investment;
  • TCO - Reduce Total Cost of Ownership;
  • TR - Low Cost Path for Technology Refresh;
  • Upgrade - Cost Effective Component Upgrade Path;
  • Training - Reduce maintenance and training costs;
  • Automation - Unattended OS  and application installations;
  • Performance - High-End performance with a small footprint;
  • Pattern - An agile design that can be base lined for re-use.


Our service starts by evaluating your requirements, rationalising stakeholder opinions and understanding your business model. We then provide a comprehensive breakdown of hardware modelling, examine your availability requirements, investigate your clustering and file/volume management needs delving into files systems and structured design. We tackle delegation of administration including system level tuning of the Kernel, Disc I/O, IP Stack and applications.

We provide a cost benefit performance analysis of virtualisation and zoning against physical hardware, as well as automation and distribution of the operating system from either factory or secure network builds.

Integration and interoperability with existing and 3rd party systems

Systems management Integration including event logging, archive, data mining, audit, SNMP, log file parsing and analysis and alerting. Security for a platform and OS design is at the foundation of all decisions.